Weekly Bil’in Demonstration 11/26/2010

Today, 26.November after the midday prayer Palestinians, Israelis and internationals marched together to protest against Israel ’s illegal Wall and settlements and got attacked by large amounts of tear gas and stun grenades. The Popular Committee stated that the 28. November is the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”, and asked the internationals present to help putting pressure on Israel to end the occupation and retreat from the Palestinian Territories .

The protesters marched together up to the fence that divides the village’s land in two, and faced the Israeli soldiers on the other side. Slogans were shouted, and people were carrying Palestinian flags and banners showing the imprisoned leaders of the non-violent struggle – Adeeb and Abdallah Abu Rahmah. After a few minutes the army started to shoot tear gas into the crowd and a few stun grenades were also thrown. Some young Palestinians were throwing stones to the soldiers on the military road, and got heavily tear gassed.
After about 45 minutes tens of soldiers were entering the gate and moving towards the village – forcing the protesters back. The demonstration lasted for about one hour.

This demonstration marked the UN observed International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The 29.November events will be held at UN offices, and the Popular Committee of Bil’in is asking people around the world to support Palestinians in their struggle against Israel ’s occupation. Solidarity actions such as visiting Palestine and telling about what you see here, and supporting the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) campaign can help isolating and eventually force Israel to end the occupation, dismantle the wall and stop the land theft and building of settlements. -Iyad Burnat

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Adeeb Abu Rahma’s son Arrested 11-23-2010

Military Incursions continue in the Occupied village of Bil’in. Bil’in 11 – 23 – 2010 at 2:30 am, Israeli forces stormed the village of Bil’in in a night raid. Four soldiers raided the home of Adeeb Abu Rahma, one of the prominent organizers of the non-violent demonstrations against the Wall. Adeeb Abu Rahma has been imprisoned by Israel for the last 17 months. Tonight, Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Adeeb Abu Rahma, Adeeb’s son, who is under 16 years old. It is unknown where he was taken. Mohammed is Adeeb’s only son. He was helping the family with their affairs while Adeeb remains unjustly detained by Israel. Seven daughters and Adeeb’s wife also live in the home that was raided. In this inhumane attack on the Abu Rahma house, Mohammed was beaten by the Israeli soldiers when he peacefully resisted arrest. During filming of the raid, local journalists Haitham Al-Khatib and Hamdi Abu Rahma were mercilessly  beaten by Israeli Occupation Forces and caused extensive damage to Haitham’s Camera, wanting Haitham to stop filming what was happening during the incursion. This is what happened in Bil’in today and this is what happens in the village of Bil’in and other Palestinian villages every day.-Hamdi Abu Rahma


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Bil’in Weekly Protest 10/15/2010

Ashraf Abu Rahmah standing before the checkpoint in Bil'in during a Non Violent Weekly Protest. Photo by: Haitham Al Khatib

Friday, October 15, 2010, Bil’in, Palestine -Today’s demonstration against the wall, organized by the Popular Committee of Bil’in, was joined by about 100 local residents , Israeli activists and internationals. As the group moved peacefull y towards the site of the wall, they chanted to free Palestinian political prisoners, including Abdulah Abu Rahme and Adib Abu Rahman who were arrested last year for their leadership of the poplar resistance in Bil’in. Abdullah’s two young daughters marched with the crowd, carrying posters calling for the release of their father. Demonstrators carrying the Palestinian flag crossed through the gate to confront the awaiting soldiers with the simple question, “What are you doing here?” Among the internationals were groups from University of Oslo in Norway, from Germany, Japan and the United States and from Germany, france . When the soldiers tired of the presence of people demanding access to the agricultural lands belonging to Bil’in farmers, they began firing tear gas. The hot gas canister ignited fires in the dry olive orchards, which residents hurried to extinguish to protect the trees from damage. For a while it was possible to avoid the gas, but eventually it became too much, and the demonstrators had to retreat to the village. It is a victory for the people every time they mobilize, without guns, to demand justice – an end to a wall that separates them from their ancestral lands and from the possibility of living peacefully with Israel. — Iyad Burnat, Head of Bil’in Popular Committee

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“Self Hating Jew”: A Response to a response of Criticism

Recently, at my University (University of New Mexico), there has been a lot of controversy surrounding our hosting of Ali Abunimah to present. Two of our co-sponsers have recieved a letter by the Jewish Federation and the Hillel organization here at UNM, saying that what our co-sponsers are supporting is “Anti-Semitism”. Of course, they had to pull the Anti-Semitism card, because apparently anybody who is critical of Israel, is anti-semitic, and if you’re a Jewish person that is critical of Israel, you are a “self-hating Jew”. It makes no sense, because Zionism clearly contradicts the teachings of Judaism.  

I have a lot of Jewish friends, and I can for sure tell you that none of them are “self-hating Jews”. They love their religion, and they practice it by going to Shabbat and by reading the teachings of the Torah. Not by pledging their allegiance to Israel. That’s like when somebody told me i’m a “self-hating Muslim” because I don’t like Saudi Arabia. Well, I don’t like Saudi Arabia, I hate their politics and i’m not a big fan of their oppression towards women, I’m not going to lie. Sure, Mecca & Medina are in Saudi Arabia, and a lot of Islamic History comes from there, but It doesn’t mean that I have to “Pledge Allegiance to Saudi Arabia” just because that is what Islam is all about, because it’s not. Islam is about Peace & unity, not excluding and isolating everybody.

What we are doing at UNM by bringing Ali Abunimah to our campus  is uniting everybody by talking about PEACEFUL resolutions to this ongoing conflict. BDS is not about Demonizing, Deligitimizing, and applying a “double standard”. It’s about boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning a country which for too long has been breaking international laws and getting away with murder literally. We are not using BDS as a tool to “deligitimize” the Jewish people… We are using it to actually help people into understanding that Israel is not Judaism, and Judaism is not Israel.

You might not agree with us by bringing Ali Abunimah to our campus, but I will let you all know this… We will not back down, and we will not give into your misleading ways. The Coalition for Peace & Justice in the Middle East a long with all of it’s sponsers WILL succeed in bringing Ali Abunimah to present, and we WILL get across to every single person in that room when he speaks that, being against Israel’s ways is not a crime, and is not “Anti-Semitic”. I can assure you all that we have put our all into making this event a success, and we will not let one letter or a million letters get in the way of it.

P.S. By the way, I really hate the phrase “Anti-Semitic” because i’m a Semite too..But i’ll talk about that in another blog post some day.

So with that, I will say Peace & Justice my friends. 🙂

You can check out the letter and Ali Abunimah’s response by clicking here.

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Free Abdallah Abu Rahmah!

Abdallah Abu Rahmah was sentenced One year in an Israeli Prison for his involvement in his village's non violent protests.

Israel strikes another Ghandi like figure from the Palestinian non violent resistence movement. Abdullah Abu Rahmah, a taxi driver, and a leader of the Bil’in Popular struggle committee, was sentenced for one year in an Israeli prison for his involvement in Non Violent protests that Bil’in holds every Friday.

This man, just like so many others has been injustly convicted of a crime, a crime of being Palestinian.  Free Abdallah Abu Rahmah, Free Bil’in, Free Palestine!

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Bil’in Weekly Demo- October 1st, 2010


Israeli Soldiers fire tear gas during a weekly non violent demonstration in Bil’in on October 1st, 2010. Photo taken by: Hamde Abu Rahmah

Today in Bili’in, a hundred protestors walked toward the apartheid wall. The group from Ireland sang their Irish song when we walked to the wall. Some of the locals opened the gate, and called the end of occupation. Israeli anarchists and Japanese activists also joined our demonstration against the illegal apartheid wall. 

The tenth of anniversary Al-Aqsa Intifada this week in Bili’in, dozens suffered by tear gas. It was organized by the Popular Committee against the Wall in Bil’in a massive march against the construction of the Apartheid Wall and the policy of occupation, settlement and settlers, under the slogan of “no peace with occupation. We began after Friday prayers from the center of the village. We  the Palestinian flags, national symbols, and the banner of great books out. There is no peace with occupation. Km Wharf where Information Irish and banners calling for support for our people in Jerusalem and stand on their side, where he attended the people of Bil’in today dozens of international activists, including delegations from the Republic of Ireland Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)  Irish delegation, the Japanese activists, solidarity movements, and the Israeli activists as well as dozens of Palestinians from outside the Bil’in and roamed the march on the streets of village echoing chants of national condemning the policy arbitrary occupation of Jerusalem and its suburbs, and slogans calling for national unity and the claim to continue the Intifada to defeat the occupation. When the march arrived the construction side of the Apartheid Wall Ha Jmtha forces of the Israeli occupation forces, positioned behind the wall and fired dozens of tear gas and live ammunition. Dozen of people suffered from tear gas. suffocation were treated on the ground, in an attempt by the Israeli army chased the participants to arrest them, but failed to do so on the track violent confrontations erupted between the participants and soldiers of the occupation lasted for almost an hour.  –Iyad Burnat, Head of Bil’in Popular Committee 

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Intifada by the Spainish Band Ska-P

Once you hear this song, you get into it right away. Once you see the video, you get really into it. This group of guys come from Spain, and they play Ska music. This song is seriously, one of my favorite songs even though I can’t really understand a word they say. Good thing this video has english subtitles, because every lyric means something. The song is called Intifada, so you clearly know it’s about Palestine. In the chorus of the song, they sing “Oh, who ever could imagine…That David turned out to be Goliath?” Now that’s some powerful stuff. Take a listen to it, and be the judge.

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